Chemistry Internal Assessment Essay

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Title: voltaic cell experiment a voltaic cell is a device made from connecting two different metals together and immersing the combined piece into some sort of solution that creates conductive atmosphere , the general purpose of a voltaic cell is to convert the chemical reaction between the metals and the solution into an electrical charge ,
Hypothesis: the voltage produced by magnesium and cupper = the sum of the voltage produced by magnasium and iron ; and iron and cupper
Independent variable: one metal use in one voltaic half cell: (half of the redox reaction occurs at each half cell, Therefore, we can say that in each half cell a half reaction is taking place , when the two halves are connect
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I took two wires from physic lab and one voltmeter 2. After that I plugged two wires into the voltmeter 3. After that I put 50 ml of copper sulphate 4. I place the copper electrode into beaker and attach one of the wires to the end of copper electrode, I have to make sure the wires is not attach the copper sulphate 5. And I put the 50 ml of iron sulphate into another beaker 6. I placed 1 nail and attach the another wires to the end of the nail, make sure the wires is not attach the iron sulphate 7. And after that placed the filter paper that I putted in potassium sulphate solution over the boat beakers , make sure that the end is touching a solution 8. And after set the voltmeter to 1000 9. And check it when the number on voltmeter settles ,record the number and write down 10. When I recorded I remove both metals from the solution and clean the copper electrode and putted back into copper sulphate 11. I washed that beaker was iron sulphate was in and after that put magnesium sulphate in it and place a magnesium electrode in it and attach the wire at end 12. And set the voltmeter to1000 13. And again remove both metals and cleaned 14. And I repeat the steps to get three repeats for each data 15. And after that repeat step by step and changing the solutions but keep the copper sulphate

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