Chemistry Beverage Lab Report Essay

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Joanna Park
Mrs. Carrillo
CP chemistry per. 5
September 17, 2012

i. Beverage Density Lab Report ii. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the percentage of sugar content in beverages. iii. Materials: Distilled water, beverages (juice, soda, sport drinks), Sugar reference solutions (0, 5, 15, ad 20%) 25ml each, Balance, centigram(0.01g precision), Beaker (100-mL), Erlenmeyer flask (125-mL to collect rinse solutions), Pipet(10-mL), Pipet bulb or pipet filler iv. Procedure:
Part A 1. Place an empty 100-mL beaker on the balance and hit the “rezero” button and check if the scale reads 0.00 g 2. Suck up 10.00mL of 0% sugar (distilled water) into a pipet and move the liquid to an empty beaker.
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Construct a Results table and record the density of the beverage and the estimated percent sugar concentration.
Powerade has the sugar concentration of 10.27% 3. Repeat step 2 to determine the percent sugar concentration if the second beverage. Record all information in your results table.
Cola has the sugar concentration of 11.1% 4. Calculate the actual or accepted value of the sugar concentration in weight percent for each beverage using the nutrition label information and the measured density value. Hint: See Pre-Lab Questions #3 for how to do this calculation. Record both the nutrition label information and the actual percent sugar concentration in your results table.
X g= 355mL (1.038g/1mL) = 388g
(42g / 368g) x 100% = 11%
Cola’s actual sugar concentration is 11%
X g= 240mL (1.027g / 1mL)= 246mL (15/240) x 100% = 6.25% Powerade’s actual sugar concentration is 6.25% 5. Use the following equation to calculate the percent error in your experimental determination of the sugar content I each beverage. Enter the percent error in the results table.

% Error = l 8.3 – 6.1 / 8.3 l * 100% = 22% The percent error for Powerade is 22%
% Error = l 11.1 - 11 / 11.1l * 100 = 0.9%
The percent error for Cola is 0.9% 6. What was your measured density for pure water (0% sugar solution)? The density of water is usually quoted as 1.00 g/mL, but this precise value is

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