Chemistry And Its Impact On Society And Environment Essay

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Chemistry has many different career paths and chemists specialise in a diverse range of different areas. Chemistry is a science that deals with the properties, composition, structure of elements and compounds, thereby; chemists use this information to develop new materials and substances. There are a number of career paths in chemistry such as biochemistry, industrial chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry and much more. While all the other field names speak for themselves, industrial chemistry deals with the large-scale processing of chemicals and chemical products for industrial and consumer uses. Industrial chemistry plays a vital role as an applied science in areas that influence today’s society and environment both positively and negatively.
Industrial chemists are concerned with the chemical processes that change raw materials into useful products. Their work relies heavily on the principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics and frequently those of biology as well. It is their job to plan, design and help construct chemical plants and equipment and work to develop efficient and economical production methods. Waste management is also crucial part of their occupation; designing efficient and effective systems to manage chemical waste in order to minimize environmental pollution. Typical projects for an industrial chemist might involve developing a more efficient process for cracking hydrocarbons at a refinery or working with the Environmental Protection…

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