Chemistry And Computational Engineering At Industrial Sonomechanics

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Engineering, it is a profession that requires one to think creatively: forcing one to leave a comfort zone into the perplexing; while it may be daunting, it excites me. I have studied chemical engineering as an undergraduate and there was never a dull moment, I enjoyed it to the fullest. However, I have innate enthusiasm in Flow Physics and Computational Engineering, a specialty in mechanical engineering in which I plan to pursue. My fondness of it enhanced because of my professional and academic involvements.

In my professional experience, I’ve used my fundamental knowledge in engineering at various firms. As an intern at Industrial Sonomechanics, I designed and completed a packaging system for the various processing reactors to reduce the risk of breaks or fractures through shipment, as well as assisted in the design of a mechanism to separate gas from a continuous flowing liquid solution after ultrasonic degassing occurred. In this internship, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in the consultation with Yankee Candle and Sun Chemicals in order to remove dissolved and undissolved gasses in their mixed solutions (wax and paint). I also worked at the K12 STEM Center at NYU, I contributed in the creation of a curriculum and taught middle school children an introduction to engineering through various hands-on projects. These projects included the construction of towers with basal wood in order to create a stable structure (stress analysis), programming arduino boards and…

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