Essay on Chemical Testing : Chemical Tests

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Chemical testing result summary:
At Tingalpa creek a number of chemical tests were performed in order to collect data about the health of the waterway. Water temprature,oxygen concentration, PH level, Nitrates/nitrites, phosphorus, salinity and E.coli were tested.
The water temperature at Tingalpa creek was 23.4 C. It is difficult to determine a normal water temperature as there are many factors that change it. Water temperature is a key factor controlling the rate of biological processes, such as algal growth. For every 10 degrees Celsius (°C) increase in temperature, the rate of biological processes almost doubles. However this result appears to be around the normal range for this time of year. The factors that affect water temperature are depth , vegetation ,exposure to sunlight/amount of shade , latitude, turbidity, seasons, tides , time of day, location, amount of mixing or stratification ,level of inflows from tributaries and human pressures/impacts. Water turbidity affects water temperature, as suspended particles in a water column absorb and scatter sunlight and hence determine the extinction of solar radiation.
The oxygen concentration of the water at Tingalpa creek was 5mg/L.. The healthy range for oxygen concentration is 80-110 mg/L.. It is evident that the oxygen concentration at tingalpa creek is poor. This condition, known as aquatic anoxia causes the death of aquatic organisms such as fish (due to lack of oxygen). One of the signs of aquatic anoxia is…

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