Essay on Chemical Substances And How They Affect Our Brains

835 Words Mar 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Chemical substances and how they affect our brains have always fascinated me. Fortunately, I haven’t been curious enough to find out for myself firsthand, despite the struggles I’ve experienced throughout my life. I grew up in an authoritarian household with a neglectful father. My parents had a very codependent marriage, which I later adapted to my own relationships later in life. I’ve always had a lot of anxiety and depression as a child. Reaching adolescence I experienced my first episode of mania at age 14 and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 15. At age 21 I became involved with a severely psychological abusive partner for four years, which damaged my self-esteem, took away my voice, and sense of self. I then married an even more abusive man at age 25 and divorced at 26, which resulted in PTSD. I then entered an intensive outpatient DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) program which has helped extensively. I rediscovered who I was, what I wanted, my passions, developed coping strategies in emotional regulation, and discovered how to stand up for myself and that I wasn’t selfish for not conforming to what everyone else wanted me to. I briefly dated someone who was in recovery for a meth addiction and hearing stories inspired me to work with others suffering from substance abuse disorders. I started working for the treatment facility House of Hope as Support Staff, mentoring women in treatment for chemical dependency and other comorbid mental…

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