Classroom Chemical Storage Essay

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A.2. Procedures for proper storage of the classroom chemicals
General Requirements for Classroom Chemical Storage
Store all chemicals inside a locked cabinet with sturdy shelves.
Label cabinet with warning label and contents.
Secure cabinets and shelving to the wall or floor.
Segregate chemical storage away from students in a ventilated, locked storeroom.
Chemical Segregation
Store acids in a labeled, locked, corrosion resistant cabinet.
1 M hydrochloric acid, HCl acid; storage code: White.
0.1 M acetic acid, (CH3COOH ); storage code: White
Store nitric acid stored alone away from other acids in a labeled, locked, corrosion resistant cabinet.
0.2 M nitric acid, (HN03); storage code: White
Store bases in a labeled, locked, corrosion resistant cabinet.
Lab-grade sodium
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Take evacuation alarms seriously. Your health and safety are more important than any lab project you are performing.
Immediately turn off all gas and electricity to your lab project.
Evacuate the lab area and go to assembly point.
Do not go back into the building until the all clear signal is given.
Emergency eye wash The emergency eye wash station is designed to clear the eyes of debris and chemicals. It is not a water fountain. The eye wash station is tested monthly and the water allowed to run to remove stagnant water in the line. Keep the basin clear at all times. It is not a storage area. The eye wash station marked boundary ensures it is not used as a storage area. Keep the area free, clear, and accessible. Know the closest eye wash station location before beginning work.
Notify others something is in your eye and ask for help.
Go to the nearest emergency eye wash station and turn it on.
Rinse both eyes with lots of water for at least 15 minutes.
If you wear contact lenses, remove them, if you can.
Keep your eyes open with your

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