Chemical Safety Awareness Training For Chemicals And Whmis 1988

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Chemical Hazards: provide chemical safety awareness training for chemicals and WHMIS 1988 and 2015 training for controlled products to employees at Emerald: o Generic and job-specific WHMIS training needs to be done for employees on the chemicals employees are required to use. The WHMIS program should be reviewed on an annual basis by management and the Joint Health and Safety Committee and refresher training should be conducted at a minimum, annually. Documentation of training completion should be readily available. o The cleaning employee(s) needs to have WHMIS training on the specific hazards associated with the chemicals they are providing. Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) also need to be provided for the chemicals they are using at the facility. o Workplace labels need to be put on smaller containers used for cleaning to identify what chemicals are in the container. Supplier labels must be legible. If supplier labels are not legible, workplace labels must be put on the containers. Ensure workplace labels are available in the locations where chemicals are being stored and used. Ensure proper personal protective equipment is available at all times. Reinforce awareness through WHMIS training. o MSDS/SDS need to be available to all employees (including fire extinguishers, propane, cleaning chemicals, toner). Please continue the practice of maintaining the MSDS/SDS sheets in a binder for ease of access. Ensure MSDS/SDS are current (no more than 3…

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