Chemical Reactions : Lab Report Essays

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“Classifying Chemical Reactions - Lab Report”

I - Introduction -

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. In chemistry, chemical and physical changes are used to help scientists understand how different substances react given various circumstances. A chemical change is any change resulting in the formation of a new chemical substance(s). A physical property is any change that does not involve the chemical makeup of a substance at all. In total there are five (5) chemical reactions. The reactions are: Single-Displacement, a single element replaces another element in a compound; Double-Displacement, an element from both compounds switch places; Synthesis, elements join together into a compound; Decomposition, compound breaks down to elements; and Combustion, a Hydrocarbon combines with Oxygen with Carbon Dioxide and Water as products. In this lab, various chemical reactions were prompted so that classification of each reaction could be accomplished.

II - Procedure -

Part A: A bottle of Copper(II)Sulfate (CuSO4) solution, a piece of zinc, and sandpaper were obtained. A measurement of 5 ml of the Copper(II)Sulfate solution was placed into a test tube. The piece of zinc was carefully sanded (to increase reactivity level) and was dropped into the test tube containing the solution. A bottle of Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) solution and a piece of copper foil was obtained. A measurement of 5 ml of the Silver Nitrate solution was placed…

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