Chemical Reactions And Chemical Reaction Essay

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Whether we notice it or not, chemistry lives in our bodies. Things such as skin conditions, digestion, breathing, and hair growth all deal with chemistry in their own way. They all have certain chemical reactions and chemical changes that affect the way our bodies work. Even though we study different curriculums during chemistry such as the chemical equations, chemical reactions, and other things we have learned go far beyond what is said in class.

During food digestion there are chemical and physical changes occurring. One chemical change for example would be, metabolic rate which is the rate of energy that is released from macronutrients. Carbohydrates (Glucose: C6H12O6), proteins (Alanine(amino acid) CH3) , and fats (Lauric Acid: C12H24O2) are examples of macronutrients. While the body is digesting food it undergoes chemical reactions that break up larger foods into smaller components. A chemical reaction that occurs during the digestion process would be the breaking down of proteins in the body. This process starts with the proteins being broken down into amino acids then they are used to make new proteins with other specific functions, one being facilitating communication with different cells. Another example would be acne, your skin goes through physical changes meaning the way it looks. In other words on the surface of your skin there are pimples and bumps popping up on your face, back, or anywhere else on the body. Acne appears when the hair follicles…

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