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The properties of any substance depend in part on the chemical bonds that hold the atoms of the substance together. The consequences of this dependence are very important in chemical reactions. Because bonds are formed or broken during a reaction, the properties of product molecules differ from those of reactant molecules. If there is a significant difference, a distinct signal that a chemical reaction has occurred can usually be observed.
One easily seen signal of a chemical reaction is the formation of an insoluble precipitate. This experiment deals with a quantitative interpretation of a re- action in which this signal has appeared.
In this experiment, examine the reaction between Ba(NO3)2 and NH2SO3H (sulfamic acid) in a hot solution. The identity of the insoluble sub- stance that results from the reaction be determined from mass relationships.


Concept of the experiment

Known quantities of Ba(NO3)2 and NH2SO3H be allowed to react in boil- ing water. Certain covalent bonds in the molecules of sulfamic acid break slowly during this reaction, and a polyatomic anion be formed. This anion combine with the Ba2+ cations from Ba(NO3)2 to form an ionic substance that appears as a white precipitate.
All of this precipitate must be separated by gravity filtration because its mass must be measured. Make sure that read about this type of filtration in the Introduction to this manual. also have an opportunity to practice dur- ing the experiment.…

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