Chemical Properties Of Each Pure Substance Essay

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Purpose: We already knew that the chemical properties of each pure substance are not are not changed after separation in a mixture. The key to find a physical property that one part of the mixture does have but the parts of the mixture doesn’t. In magnetism a magnetically susceptible material is extracted from a mixture depending on a magnetic force. Filtration is separation of an insoluble solid and a liquid. Filtration depends on solubility, the filtrate is the one want to keep (liquid) and the residue on the filter paper is the solid (we may or may not want to keep depending on the experiment). Evaporation is the separation of a liquid and a soluble liquid. In evaporation the solution is heated to the boiling point for the liquid to evaporate. We also know that the sample in the lab contains salt, iron, and sand and that the sample is a heterogeneous mixture.. Iron is an element because it has one type of atom and it can be found on the periodic table by itself .That salt (Na+Cl) is a compound because it has two types of atoms and both atoms/elements can be found on the periodic table separately. That magnetic means attractive force to a magnet and, that Iron powder is magnetic. Magnetism is a physical property because it is a reversible property and it can be observed without changing the substance into something new. Solubility is the ability to dissolve in water and salt is able to dissolve in water. Solubility is a physical property because its reversible, it…

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