Essay on Chemical Aspects Of Digestion Lab Report

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Chemical Aspects of Digestion Lab Report

By Abdulelah Almutairi

Animal Form and Function Lab, 03, 12:30 PM
Instructor: Melanie Gustafso-Ropski – Lab Assistant: Corinna
Monday March 9,2015

Part A
• The enzyme used in this experiment is pancreatic lipase. The substrate for pancreatic lipase is lipids or triglycerides. Hydrolysis of triglycerides occurs in the duodenum and the PH rages are from 7.1 to 8.2.
• Phenol red was used as a PH indicator of the samples. if the sample is an acid then a yellow color is appeared, if the sample is alkaline then a red color will appeared. if the sample is neutral, it will be orange or if the sample is alkaline and has a PH of 10 or less, then it will have a pink color.

Table 1 - Result of Lipid Digestion with Pancreatic Lipase Observations
Tube 1 Orange color
Tube 2 Red, opaque solution
Tube 3 Bright red

1) The color indicated in tube 1 was orange, which means it’s neutral. Since it went from basic to neutral, the enzyme digested triglycerides into fatty acids. This tube had the best PH and temperature ranges.
2) No color was changes in tube 2. Since the color was red, this means it’s an alkaline solution. This enzyme did not function well.
3) The enzyme did not function and change in colors. Since the color is red, it means that the tube remain alkaline solution.

Part B
• The enzyme used in this part is Pancreatic Proteases. Hydrolysis occurs in the duodenum of digestive system to form…

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