Chekov Paper

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During the 19th century, a young boy was born in the Taganrog Seaport. Anton Chekhov was the son of a Grocer and because of that, Anton was subjected to harsh labor and lived a mature life starting at an early age. Anton was the 3rd child out of 6 children, which consequently caused himself and his whole family to live a peasant lifestyle. Anton’s life did not get any easier as he grew older. Anton’s father business went bankrupt which made his father flee to Moscow, leaving Anton alone with his mother and sister. Anton’s mother tried to provide a sufficient life for Anton and his sister but evidently lost the house, causing her to flee to Moscow as well. All of these catastrophic events in Anton’s early life made him form into the …show more content…
They are both extremely poor and have no income considering the fact that they both are required to do the commands of their masters, which could be considered something similar to slavery. Because of their social standing and lack of wealth, both Vanka and Varka were both faced with many challenges, but both were willing to overcome those challenges to get what they desired.
The challenges that the two characters face in the stories can be related and differentiated. Vanka and Varka encounter the challenges of the exhausting tasks they are commanded to do from their masters. Vanka and Varka are required to tidy up around the house, cook, clean, run to get supplies, and at night, take care of their master’s baby. Although both characters were required to take care of the master’s baby throughout the night, Varka ultimately had to endure the constant screams of the baby which prevented her from any sleep. Something as simple as laying one’s head down was something Varka envied and the lack of it challenged her everyday life. Chekhov conveyed to the reader the many challenges that Varka faced but illustrated the main challenged was how she couldn’t recuperate after a long days work. The lack of sleep deeply affected Varka as she was starting to see hallucinations of people on the outside road who are “lain down and are fast asleep” and how Varka “has a passionate longing for sleep… she would lie down for enjoyment (Sleepy).” Although Vanka had the luxury of

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