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Stir-fried tomato and scrambled eggs is one of my favorite dishes ever since I was little. It is a common dish in China, quick and easy to prepare, and popular among students.
-Adapting to cultural differences
-reminds me of my childhood
-recall my happy childhood memories
-food preparation

I grew up in a very traditional Chinese culture. Although I have been in America for ten years, it is still a challenge to adapt to cultural differences.

When I was in high school, I never eat lunch while I was in school. Most of the time I would starve and wait unless I got home.

During Chinese New Year, food preparation for family reunion dinner become one of the main topic for my family. We make offerings to the Buddha and deities.

When I was
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I am very pleased with my food choices because my parents are familiar with my food preferences. Compared to other places people do not have a choice on what they want to eat so I always consider myself very fortunate.

I am very picky about food and I do not really like to try new foods but now and again I will try different foods but not regularly I do not like trying new food.

The person who is considerably a professional chef in my family is my dad, he knows how to cook almost about everything and he is always cooking us dinner and breakfast. He learned the old fashion way at the restaurant when he was young and he had to cook for his family.

When I eat out it 's probably about at most 1 to 2 times a month but it 's been going down over time. Ever since I became a college student, I always eat california sushi roll and I hardly ever try new food style. A couple year ago my parents’ schedule is pretty busy because people are at work so they cooked us dinner and freeze the food. When it comes to time we reheat food in a
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At lunch when I was eating it and my friends seen me and they started making fun of me and everyone was looking at me and I got so embarrassed and never brought food to school ever again.

An early memory of food is when my mom was cooking for Chinese New Year. I was amazed by the wonderful aroma of warm crispy fish with sweet and sour sauce. I was there when she was making it. It is a kind of a long process for making it. Particular gender well I guess the males are the ones that are in charge of everything in the kitchen. It is only four of us in the house my dad, mom, little brother, and me. We all enjoy spending time in the kitchen eating.

My religious background influences “way of eating” because every month there is 2 days in a we don’t eat meats and every morning because we believe that the world is founded on compassion. It is an easy if you commit to it. My mom usually makes varieties of vegetables and/or foods that are made from flour, such as sweet rice dumpling with red bean paste filling.

When my mom cooks something with onion or celery I usually pick it out or I just do not eat it at all. She makes comment about the fact “you always like foods made from flour, but you need a balanced

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