Chef Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… TALENT shall bear responsibility for obtaining all appropriate licenses to engage in, participate in, or otherwise appear in culinary shows.
2. TALENT shall furnish at its own expense transportation to the venue, hotel accommodations, meals, refreshments, and tickets to the Performance. Furthermore, TALENT shall be responsible for providing all costumes, wardrobe, props, and make-up necessary for the performance of TALENT’s services at any Event.
3. TALENT shall be responsible for TALENT’s own training and maintenance of culinary skills and abilities prior to and throughout the tour, as long as they do not interfere with TALENT's appearance at the events.
4. TALENT shall use her best efforts in employing TALENT’s skills and abilities as a professional chef and be responsible for developing her expertise to the best of her ability and to execute the various details, required of chefs in a professional cooking demonstration.
5. TALENT understands that it is to her benefit to agree to cooperate and assist, without any additional payment, in the publicizing, advertising, and promoting of the scheduled Events, including without limitation, using social media outlets, interviews, and other publicity or exploitation appearances or
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TALENT shall be responsible for her own commercial general liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance, professional liability insurance, as well as any excess liability insurance, as TALENT deems appropriate to insure, indemnify, and defend TALENT with respect to any and all claims arising out of TALENT’s own acts, transactions, or conduct.
1. TALENT has not heretofore entered and shall not hereafter enter into any contract or agreement which is in conflict with the provisions hereof or which would or might interfere with the full and complete performance by TALENT of his obligations hereunder or the free and unimpaired exercise by COMPANY of any of the rights and licenses herein granted to it;
2. TALENT represents, warrants, and agrees that TALENT is in sound mental and physical condition and is not suffering from any disabilities that would impair or adversely affect TALENT’s ability to perform professional culinary services.
1. TALENT's breach of this Agreement shall cause COMPANY irreparable injury which cannot be adequately measured by monetary relief; as a consequence, COMPANY shall be entitled to injunctive and other equitable relief against TALENT to prevent TALENT's breach or default hereunder and such injunction or equitable relief shall be without prejudice to any other rights, remedies or damages which COMPANY is legally entitled to

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