Cheesecake Factory Business Plan Essay

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Strategic Plan: The Cheesecake Factory
STR 581
March 31, 2014
Dr. Patricia Dues

Strategic Plan: The Cheesecake Factory
Table of Contents
Executive summary 3
Mission and Vision Statement 3
Company Overview 3
Environmental Scan 4
External Environmental Analysis 4
Internal Environmental Analysis 5
Value Disciplines 7
Generic Strategies 8
Grand Strategies 8
Recommended Strategy 9
Implementation Plan 9 Objectives 10 Functional Tactics 10 Action Items 11 Milestones and a Deadline 12
Required Organizational Change 12
Risk Management and Contingency Plan 12
Conclusion 13
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Environmental Scan
External Environmental Analysis
An external environmental analysis involves looking at the outside environment to identify any external threats or opportunities that may affect the company. External threats may include opposing competition as well as economic or political factors. With The Cheesecake Factory being both a bakery as well as a dining restaurant the competition will come in the form of other restaurants in the industry. These competing restaurants in the industry can be one of the major external threats to The Cheesecake Factory.
Economic or political factors can also be external threats to the company; however, many factors that are classified under an economic or a political are outside the control of the company.
Food supply issues. An example of this would be any type of regulations regarding food or shortage of food due to disease, harvesting issues, etc. Anything that affects the supply from which The Cheesecake Factory receives from, will be an external threat to the organization. This is because food is the main ingredient needed; if the quality is not up to par, or there is a shortage, or there is a recall, this will directly affect both the restaurants that produce the food and the factories and produce the company’s signature cheesecakes.
International cultures. When trying to expand into the

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