Cheerleading Should Be A Sport Essay

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Cheerleading should be considered a sport because cheerleaders get hurt just as much as any other athlete, also cheerleaders practice the same amount of hours if not more as any other athletes. Lastly cheerleading should be considered a sport because cheerleading can keep people in shape just like any other sport. Cheerleaders might only perform for two and a half, but they but just as much energy out as basketball players do in a game. Every year, 100,000 cheerleaders go to the hospital for injuries. Out of all the catastrophic injuries cheerleading is ranked number one (Cheerleading). According to research 65.2% of all catastrophic injuries come from cheerleading (Mueller). Cheerleading is ranked number one for catastrophic injuries, but it still isn’t considered a sport. Many cheerleaders every year are severely injured. Some of them could even end up in a wheelchair just like the young girl Laura Jackson(Dowd). Laura was trying out for a varsity cheer team and trusted a friend to spot her on a tumbling skill called a back tuck (Dowd). As Laura was tumbling she lost her balance and started to fall backwards (Dowd). Her spotter not knowing what to do just stood there (Dowd). Laura landing on her head on the gym floor, her head cracked so back a piece of her scalp fell off (Dowd).Laura spent seven months in the hospital, but nothing could fix her. she was permanently paralyzed from the neck down(Dowd). Laura had to have someone hand feed her every meal, she had to have…

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