Cheerleading Is The Major Factor That Impedes Cheerleading Essay

1407 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
When you hear late nights, long practices, fierce competition, rivalries, teamwork, determination, injuries, and Friday Night Lights; what comes to mind? Football? That may be true, but these elements also apply to the reality of cheerleading. Cheerleading is an activity that as been around since the late 1800’s and is currently struggling to receive its qualification as a sport. Title IX, an education amendment, is a major factor that impedes cheerleading from being considered a sport. Title IX states that within any federally funded education program or activity there cannot be any discrimination based on sex (Overview Of Title IX Of The Education Amendments Of 1972). In the beginning, cheerleading was all male activity seen as too masculine for women. But now cheerleading is a predominantly female activity; and the gender imbalance within cheerleading is the main obstacle the activity faces. Additional factors that are hindering cheerleading includes that the purpose is to support and they do not compete every time they cheer. However, cheerleaders compete against other teams at competitions and other sporting events, they perform for entertainment, and the activity requires skill such as strength, flexibility, and rhythm. I believe that cheerleading should be considered a sport because the individuals who participate condition, work out, and experience physical injuries just like any other athlete in any other sport. Cheerleaders pick up girls one hundred pounds or…

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