Essay on Cheerleading Is Not A Sport

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Alyssa Roenigk, a senior writer for ESPN, presented an argumentative article, “Sorry, Cheerleading is not a Sport,” which opened a pivotal argument on cheerleading being classified as a sport. Roenigk states that all cheerleaders are athletes, but cheerleading should not be considered a sport. Why is this? Roenigk claims that sports teams are made to compete, to go against another team to win, not to entertain the crowd. Although Roenigk tries to persuade her audience that cheerleading does not fall under sporting guidelines, she contradicts her argument in immeasurable ways as she shifts cheerleading “athletes” away from sport.
In 2014, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy labelling cheerleading as a sport because it is as rigorous as many other sports. One would think that this would end the comments about how cheerleading should not be considered a sport, but Roenigk seems to think otherwise. The AMA based its decision to declare cheerleading as a sport to increase safety protocols; however, Roenigk believes that this stance will eliminate cheerleading all together. If anything, adding additional safety protocols to cheerleading will raise its popularity, not diminish it. Acknowledging this point would have strengthened Roenigk’s argument; however, she chose to stray away from safety protocols potentially assisting cheerleading in optimistic ways.
Roenigk has her own opinion on why she believes cheerleading should not be classified as a sport. Roenigk…

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