Cheerleading Is A Dumb Sport Essay example

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“There are now “cheer gyms,” where kids go to learn to throw each other around like Frisbees.” These words stated by Rick Reilly in the article “Sis! Boom! Bah! Humbug!” are words describing on how dangerous and how dumb the sport of cheerleading is. Cheerleading is performed in front of crowds at events people pay money for. They perform life threatening stunts that most people wouldn’t dare to try. Cheerleading can be for guys to but it’s mostly for girls. Even though it’s another activity for girls to join, cheerleading is a dumb activity because it’s one of the most dangerous activities, and cheerleading can lead to death or paralysis.

Right up front, cheerleading is a dumb sport to join. Like Reilly said “The velcroed-on smiles. The bizarre arm movements stolen from the navy signalmen’s handbook. The same cheers done by every troupe in every state.” Cheerleading is nothing but fake cheering and fake smiles that has no impact on how any event will turn out. If anything they are a distraction to the players and the fans by the short miniskirts that show some butt but not too much, skin tight shirts that show their skinny figure and caked on make-up. To also make a point, every cheer that any team performs worldwide is almost the same, tossing girls in the air, clapping, franticly shaking their pom-poms, and kicking their legs over their head. Very original right? Not. Cheerleading also lacks a characteristic known as creativity. Nothing about cheerleading is creative,…

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