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One of the most controversial subjects among sports fans is whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Many people say cheerleading is a sport, when others say cheerleading is just an activity. When people think of cheerleaders, they think of preppy girls cheering for a sport they know nothing about. They think cheerleaders do not put in work, and they just stand on the sidelines to look pretty. In reality, cheerleaders have to know what is going on during the game at all times. Many people think cheerleaders are weak, but what they do not know is they are some of the strongest women athletes. Cheerleaders put in a lot of time and practice just to have one perfect routine. During those time-consuming practices, cheerleaders try out their …show more content…
The cheerleaders that stand on the sidelines worrying about their hair, makeup, and their boyfriends out on the football field. They think of the cheerleaders that only care about their boyfriend and themselves. They are normally the most popular and snobby girls in the school, but they are also the dumbest. People also refer to cheerleaders as blonde and skinny. In the book, Death to All Cheerleaders, Marty Beckerman asked cheerleader how she felt when she was referred to as a stereotypical cheerleader, she replied:
In contemporary American popular culture, the female cheerleader icon is fraught with contradictory social meanings: on the one hand, she symbolizes purity, innocence, and youthfulness; on the other hand, she represents sexuality and temptation. A cheerleader epitomizes both success and female achievement but also, as Beckerman believes, she symbolizes vapidity and mindlessness. In almost all instances, she represents idealized white femininity. (Miles
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Most of the time cheerleaders do not even have a boyfriend because of their busy schedules. Cheerleaders are not dumb like everyone thinks. The grade a cheerleader has to maintain is different at every school, but cheerleaders at WCHS have to maintain a C average or you become on probation. If they do not bring their grades up, they will be kicked off of the squad. Cheerleaders have to know what is going on during the game. They have to know whether the team is on offense or defense, and if they got a first down or a touchdown. If they do not know what is going on than they could be cheering for the other team. Cheerleaders are not always skinny; their goal is to be fit. You need to be in shape to get through a cheer routine. It does not matter what shape or size you are as long as you are healthy. They do not necessarily care about being popular. Cheerleaders are not snobs, in fact, they are some of the most talkative and happiest people you will meet. Cheerleaders live for making new friends at competitions because they will stay with you forever. Your team will encourage you to be the best you can be. Cheerleaders are not anything like their

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