Cheer : A Sport Is Not Everyone Can Understand Essay

765 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Cheer is a sport that not everyone can understand. Of course, there are the people who disagree and say cheer is not a sport and then there are the cheerleaders who say it is. It only clicks to some people who really find the potential in themselves to dedicate their life to it. Not only is it a sport, it is an activity that creates a new life. Cheer takes a lot of dedication because it takes a great amount of physical activity, a healthy and positive mindset, and it builds a whole new family with your teammates. Cheerleading is just like any other sport when it comes to physical activity. It is always good to stay active and keep working out your body. Cheer takes a lot of energy and a lot of working out days. You can’t do cheer with weak arms or legs because the whole point is to have strong motions and be able to toss a girl in the air. Cheerleading is different from other sports because instead of throwing a ball, we’re throwing a human. Of course, we always catch our human! It takes a lot of cardio as well because with a two minute and thirty second routine of dancing and throwing people, it is harder than it sounds. When we would do our routine, I was always winded by the middle of the routine because of all the energy it took from me to yell and stunt. Running a couple miles and lifting weights was a daily routine for us and it definitely paid off in the long run! With cheer, you always have to have a positive mindset. It does not matter what the situation is, if…

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