Cheating : Relationship Between Men And Men Essay

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Cheating Effect Relationships Who do you think cheats more in relationships, men or women? For sure women will think it’s men, and men will think it’s women because of the opposite sex disagreement, but in actuality men are the one who cheat more on their girlfriends, and wives. According to “Fox News Magazine,” it is also proven in these cheating statistics, which says that 70% of the men and the 50% to 60% of the woman cheat in their relationships; so by comparing these two numbers it is noticeable that men are 10% more likely to cheat than women (by Lisa, Penn). To me I think that because men think that having an affair is alright for them because they are “men” and they have “men power,” so they can do anything wrong, and no one has the right to tell them anything, even their wives. For this reason some men thinks women were weak and burden on them so they treat women as their maids, and give them no respect. Through the perspective of sexism in the book, “Beginning Theory” by Peter Barry, Junot Diaz tries to interpret in his two stories, “The Sun, Moon and Stars,” and, “Alma” that the reason men cheat on women in relationships is because men believe women are their personal toys, so they can do whatever they want, but they need to understand that it hurts women’s feelings, people won’t trust them anymore, and it can break relationships.
Women tend to suffer emotionally, physically and mentally due to the fact that their husband or boyfriend cheats on…

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