Essay on Cheating Is A Breach Of The Marriage

1420 Words May 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
As we mature and enter into relationships with one another, we make mistakes of all types, but some mistakes can quickly end a relationship. Cheating has always been a big taboo in relationships because the whole point of two people entering into a relationship is to be exclusive to only each other. In a pre-marital relationship you can just walk away with nothing holding you two together but what if the two are married. Instead of plain cheating it has become adultery which is a breach of the marriage contract between two people. I claim that adultery is impermissible because at the time you sign the marriage document and or bound religiously, you enter into an agreement with the other person in which you will be faithful to the other fully. That is the point of getting married, although I do concede some religious practices around the world allow men and women to have more than one partner while married, or the married couple make an agreement with one another to be able to have sexual relations with others. My main focus is the act of adultery in the monogamous marriage between two people who are sexually exclusive to each other. In the reading On the Place of Sex in Human Existence by Immanuel Kant he states “Matrimony is an agreement between two persons by which they grant each other equal reciprocal rights, each of them undertaking to surrender the whole of their person to the other”(623). If a person in a marriage commits adultery willingly they shouldn’t have gotten…

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