Cheating In School Essay

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Cheating is one of the most common occurrences within high school students. Cheating is not limited to a certain age group; it can range from different ages. People cheat for many reasons. Many high school students cheat due to the fact they do not want to risk getting a negative grade. Sometimes students want to succeed at all costs so they turn to cheating. While others cheat simply because they do not understand. In today’s busy time it is easy for a student to forget to complete an assignment or not have enough time to complete it. Students can also easily look up answers in class for a test or homework. Cheating is also a form of plagiarism that if a student gets caught, they could get into trouble. Nowadays high school students …show more content…
Students may be experiencing problems at home and having extra-curriculum activities, homework may be to much on their plate. When a student starts to go through situations at home their school work can be put to a side and they might be overwhelmed by all their situations. Parents are a big affect in a student’s life, so sometimes a parent might not be supporting their kids with school work. “Perhaps those parents believed that teaching the distinction between right and wrong is sufficient without also helping adolescents link this understanding with a sense of responsibility to behave honestly and truthfully at school”. (Strom p. 43) When that happens a student will most likely start failing a class so they will just turn into cheating and finding the answers online. Students need support because it can be easy to get distracted due to their own circumstances. Extra-curriculum activities can also lead a student to start cheating. Students who are involved in sports or clubs can become distracted. Sports can take a lot out of someone’s day and by the end of the day they will not have time to do any work. When an athlete starts getting bad grades in class and they know they have to keep it up to play, they can look into cheating. Outside of school students can get involved into negative situations that could lead them into not focusing on school work, which may cause them to

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