Why Do Students Cheat Essay

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Cheating is one of the most common occurrences within high school students. Cheating is not limited to a certain age group; it can range from different ages. People cheat for many reasons. Many high school students cheat due to the fact they do not want to risk getting a negative grade. Sometimes students want to succeed at all costs so they turn to cheating. While others cheat simply because they do not understand. In today’s busy time it is easy for a student to forget to complete an assignment or not have enough time to complete it. Students can also easily look up answers in class for a test or homework. Cheating is also a form of plagiarism that if a student gets caught, they could get into trouble. Nowadays high school students …show more content…
Some high school courses can be a little odd. For example, not having a teacher that fully explains the assignment and the assignments given can be some more of the causes. When a student does not have a teacher that puts all their effort in her students; it can be hard. Some students need more attention then most students to actually understand the work that they are given. Other students might understand the work, but might need a little support. If a teacher starts to rush through the work or even syllabus a student might feel confused. Nowadays teachers have to explain directions in different ways so that students may understand. “Students take academic honesty more seriously when they see their teacher make en effort to ensure fair and honest conditions for assessment”. (Strom p. 45) Dedicating is something that teachers should keep in mind when dealing with students. On the other hand, school assignments can be hard for some students. Some high school classes can be difficult because it is new material that students might not understand. They might also not be placed in a right class level. Assignments should be fully explained because sometimes students will just put it on the side or just look up answers for their

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