Cheating by Technology in National Examinations-Kenya Essay

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In my practice as a supervisor in the Kenya National Examination Council (2007) Secondary Examination briefing on conduct and ways of curbing exam cheating, I rose to ask the participants made of among others, quality Assurance and Standards officers, supervisors, invigilators, security officers and the District Education office personnel, whether other than the common use of the SMS to transmit messages as a source of cheating, how much do they know about blue tooth gadget? The response left a lot to be desired as virtually less than 5% of the participants had a vague idea of what this is and its capability in being used in exam cheating. This is just but a technological issue on exam cheating.
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In another article (Daily nation Nov 7th 2009:4) reported that: …upon investigation, 10 candidates at the school were found receiving questions through mobile phones at lunch hour in….questions are sent via the mobile phones….It is apparent that Tech savvy candidates have rendered the old fashioned examination cheats obsolete. improved supervision has resulted in new trends in cheating by use of technology…technology is also aiding exam cheats using mobile phones, those behind the leak can scan full examination especially diagrams using scanners powered with Bluetooth applications and then use the same technology to transfer the questions to their mobile phones. When the students receive the question, they forward the messages to friends’ mostly in university or in some cases friendly teachers who answers the questions before resending them….
Some students are also using tiny wireless earphones to communicate to the outside world. The earphones are so well concealed inside the ear that invigilators and supervisors will never detect them (Sunday Nation Nov 7th 2009:5).During the 2007 KCSE tests, use of mobile phones to send leaked questions was so rampant that KNEC sought the help of mobile service providers to track down the culprit. Nyambega (Sunday Nation Oct 31st 2009:4) says: …that agent in different provinces shared the

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