Cheating And Cheating At Rocky University Essay

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We have taken the proportions of the following categories: students who are females, students who are males, students that cheated on their homework by copying off the internet, students that have copied off another student’s exam and students that have collaborated with other students to complete exam. We found that the female to male proportions at the College of Business at Rocky University were female 51% to males 49%. We found that a relatively a higher percentage of students that cheated preferred to do it by copying off other student’s exams. The percentages are as follows: 53%, of students copied off other students, 50% of students collaborated to cheat on an exam and 47% preferred to cheat off the internet. In addition, we noticed that most female cheaters preferred cheating by collaborating with other students on an exam and male students preferred cheating by copying off the internet.
Our confidence intervals provide the intervals in which we estimate the population statistic characteristic will fall. We will make this estimation with a 95% certainty. For example, the proportion of students that cheated is .90 (81/90). We estimate with a 95% certainty that the interval 84%-96%, will contain the overall population of students that cheated in some manner. Furthermore, we found the interval, 36%-57%, would contain the overall quantity of business students will cheat by using the internet. The interval for overall students that will cheat by copying off another…

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