Che Guevara And The Cuban Revolution Essay

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Millions of people recognize Ernesto “Che” Guevara as an icon of rebellion through his involvement with the Cuban Revolution, along with the other facets he facilitated in the opposition oppression. Aside from the political impact Che Guevara made during the Cuban Revolution, not many people know the accuracy behind the revolutionary’s commitment to unity, equity and freedom of Latin American citizens. Che Guevara was extremely dedicated to fighting injustice and oppression, but was often misrepresented because the methods in which he executed his tactics, specifically his involvement in communism. The argument I am conveying speaks to the belief that Che was in fact a great leader, which is evident regarding his viewpoint of gender equity as well by practice. The dedication and fearlessness in which Che served the people of Latin America not only defined his role as a great leader and a revolutionary, but extended his influence to present day Latin America because of his unrelinquished fight for freedom from oppression and injustice.
To influence the onset of Che Guevara’s activism in the Cuban Revolution in addition to the further work that inclined his dedication to the Cuban people, it is essential to understand the biographical stance in which Che Guevara’s viewpoint as a leader was implemented. The story of Che Guevara is one of series of personal transformations – from an asthmatic youth to medical student, and then to wanderer, guerrillero, revolutionary leader, and…

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