Che Guevar The Cuban Revolution

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To what extent was Che Guevara the most influential Revolutionary in the Cuban Revolution

The statement To what extent was Che Guevara the most influential Revolutionary in the Cuban Revolution is partially correct as it possesses arguments supporting and challenging. Che Guevara was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary amongst many other talents that he held. Guevara later went on to become the face of the Cuban Revolution (1953-1959) and a symbol of hope for all Cubans. This symbol of hope status continued on after his death and has become both a pop culture and counterculture icon. The involvement that Guevara had in the Cuban Revolution was enormous, leading the revolution alongside Fidel Castro. Guevara is often referred to as the most
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Guevara is extremely well known as he was on of the major leaders of the revolution, an influential leader at that. Leading the over 5 year revolution against President Batista, Guevara became a role model for many of those who had been ostracised by the government in Cuba at the time. Che Guevara became a symbol of hope for the population of Cuba, thus proving his influence on an entire country. Che Guevara’s ultimate goal was to take down the current Government lead by President Batista and making Cuba a Socialist State. Guevara believed that this would free those who had been wronged and aid the nation toward his vision of peace. Years of work by Guevara and the revolutionary party which he lead became a success on the first day of 1959, a monumental moment for both Cuba and Guevara. The end of the revolution was marked by the death of the 12th President of Cuba Fulgencio Batista, also marking the success of Che Guevara as a revolutionary and …show more content…
Many follow and carry on Guevara’s legacy in order to continue the values that Guevara preached. This legacy spawned from the man who captured a nation during one of the lowest points of the country’s history. This legacy was evident during his life although has elevated significantly since the time of his death. Those who see Guevara as an inspiration label him as The Protector of the Poor. This stems from Che speaking out for those who had been voiceless under the ostracizing rule of President Batista. This carries on post mortem as the symbol of hope that is Che Guevara brings those who are voiceless together to create a

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