Chaucer 's The Wife Of Bath Essay

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In the time period of Chaucer, women had little rights; in many cases, they were viewed as property. Chaucer’s status was upper-middle class, and he worked with many of the aristocrats within and above his class level. Chaucer saved his status and job by giving the aristocrats what they wanted concerning societal order. When he wrote The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer wrote his personal views effectively by using a scapegoat: Chaucer, the pilgrim. Chaucer, the poet, used his scapegoat to keep himself safe from the wrath of the aristocracy. When Chaucer wrote the “Wife of Bath,” his views of women’s rights were futuristic and drastically different from his time. In the “Wife of Bath,” Chaucer challenges the patriarchal condition by making his female character resist the social order and defend herself using common sense, logic, and references to texts; those traits were only thought to be used by men in Chaucer’s lifetime. The Wife of Bath was an educated woman; during the middle ages, an educated woman was very rare. The middle ages saw some advances for women such as inheritance, and their ability to control that inheritance. Through the use of the feudal system, women of high society had access not only to soft power, but hard power, as well. Soft power is the influence, which only exists in the private sphere, where the wife or mother, sways the men of the household. To gain soft power, a woman has to have common sense and logic to sway a man’s decision. A concept only…

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