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The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer and Literary Accomplishments
Geoffrey Chaucer was born in 1342 or 1343 in London, England he died October 25, 1400 in London. The name Chaucer is adopted from the French Word chaussier, which means the maker of footwear. Geoffrey Chaucer is known as “The Father of English Literature” he was the greatest poet before Shakespeare. Geoffrey Chaucer created magnificent and dexterous works of literature that were unprecedented during his life and still are today. Little is known about Chaucer’s early education; however it is known that he attended St. Paul’s Cathedral to receive his education at a young age. It is also presumed to be without a doubt that he was fluent in French of his time, and he also comprehended
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This poem was 1,300 lines and most likely written in late 1369 or early 1370. His first poem was written to honor the death of Blanche of Lancaster the wife of John of Gaunt even though this is not proven it is said the poem was written at his request. In Chaucer’s last years he wrote the Canterbury tales which is a tale of 30 pilgrims on a religious journey or pilgrimage who gather together at the Tabard inn and there the host gets them to agree to take part in a storytelling contest as they travel to the shrine of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. The host tells them they will tell one tale going another on the way back and whoever wins will receive a dinner paid for by everyone else Chaucer uses the pilgrims as a framing device for a collection of stories to bring many people from different paths in life together. Chaucer used his deep study and knowledge of medieval book, astrology and analysis of everyday life in 30 years of his literary compositions. Even though Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury tales was not completed as was his full plan but it is not a collection of fragmented stories but a unified book. (Encyclopedia Britannica …show more content…
The furious Reeve did not agree with the miller’s tale because he felt like it was directed toward him. In retaliation he begins his tale about a miller who takes advantage of his wife and daughter. Geoffrey Chaucer is an outstanding author and poet. His unique and interesting style is apparent in all of his literary writings and they capture the interest of all readers who have ever read his work. Chaucer’s literature was exceptional during his life time and still is today, he has led the way for many great authors and poets who came after him. .(“The Miller’s

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