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The Chattanooga Ice Cream case shows a decline in sales for 5 consecutive years. The Division is headed by Charles Moore. Although Charles Moore was successful in leading teams he seemed to have major issues with this team of vice presidents. According to the Harvard Business Review Chattanooga Ice Cream Case the team was very dysfunctional; they exhibited a lack of trust, high in conflict, disrespectful of each other and exhibited avoidance issues with accountability. Team members seemed to always lay blame to other member. Moore needs to be more assertive in dismissing the ways of the past and the loss of Stay & Shop business needs to be put aside. Moore needs to give clear direction and assign responsibilities to
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Moore should first take a look at what his leadership/management style is and then see how best to manage this group of team members. Moore should be open about his failures and began to insist that team members follow suit. Moore should assign clear roles and responsibilities to each team member and hold them accountable when they fail to meet his expectations. According to Everything Disc Management Style, Moore should shy away from exhibiting steadiness style of management. This style leans towards being accommodating. Being accommodating leads towards being unassertive according to the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. Initially, Moore should adapt to the Dominance style of management resulting in him being direct/candid and firm. Moore should help his team set results-oriented goals. In “What Great Managers Do” by Buckingham, Moore should get to know each of his vice presidents and “discover what is universal and capitalize on it.” If Moore would lead this team by the following guidelines I believe he will be more successful at leading the team; Don’t “fear conflict; embrace it – it’s your job.” While you can try and avoid conflict (bad idea), you cannot escape conflict. The fact of the matter is conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. It will find you whether you look for it (good idea –

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