Chattanooga Ice Cream Case Study Essay

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Chattanooga Case Analysis
Stacy Kelley
Jack Welch Management Institute
Dr. Denis P. Tocci
JWMI 510
November 16, 2014
This analysis will apply my understanding of the Chattanooga Ice Cream (CIC) case and will describe how I would apply the concepts and principles learned so far in JWMI 510, Leadership in the 21st Century. A review of the team dysfunction and how the President and General Manager, Charlie Moore, contributed to that dysfunction will be shared. This case study will also cover what the CIC management team could do better to understand the perspectives of each other and their boss. Specific recommendations will be made regarding what Moore should do to aid his team to work together and to resolve conflicts
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The Team Assessment (Lencioni, 2002) would be a great way to set the baseline to understand current state and also to be able to measure improvements going forward. All of these results are so useful, not only for the individual but also for the group to understand each other and to work better together. These changes will need to be supported and reiterated daily by their leader in order to ensure everyone is on board and that they are working continuously on overcoming the dysfunctions of a team. They will also need to adopt a set of values that represent teamwork that would include listening and responding constructively to other views; giving others the benefit of the doubt; providing support; and recognizing the interests and achievements of others (Harvard Business Review, 1993).
The next section will cover specific recommendations for the team to work on together in order to build the foundation towards success and a true team.

Specific Recommendations
Now it is time to discuss what Moore should do to help his team work together and solve conflicts. The first item I would work with the team on is a team charter (JWMI 510, Week 4). A team charter should be generated in a group setting to encourage understanding and buy-in and to explain team direction along with boundaries. The team charter should be used to define mission, purpose, values,

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