Essay about Chatime

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1.0 Introduction

Marketing strategies plays a crucial role in the process of forming a successful company or organization. A company or organization which has excellent marketing strategies and good strategic planning will perform better than those companies who are using a poor marketing strategies. As Chatime Malaysia was one of the top beverages companies in Malaysia, thus we choose it as our topic of study. Based on this study, we can more understanding and figure out how Chatime Malaysia carry out their marketing activities. The organization can actually know where and how to concentrate their commercial efforts through the marketing strategies which include market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). Throughout this
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Firstly, segmentation will be conducted in the STP process by dividing a market into many segments which have different needs, behaviors and characteristics. Next, company will select one or more target markets to enter which known as targeting. After that, company will implement the positioning of certain products in order to competing products in the minds of target customers. In other words, STP helps organization to accomplish their goals and objectives and also mission statement.

3.0.1 Segmentation

Market segmentation defined as a process of splitting a market into distinct groups of buyers with similar products needs or identifiable characteristics in order to select appropriate target markets. So, Chatime Malaysia divided its market into consumer food& beverage industry in Malaysia. Besides, demographic segmentation is one of the segmentation that Chatime Malaysia attempts to take it into account before set up a franchise-based beverage shop in Malaysia effectively in order to gain the market share and profit in Malaysia’s consumer food& beverage industry. Due to it, age and generation is the variable of demographic segmentation that Chatime Malaysia attempts to take it into consideration before set up its business in Malaysia

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