Chasing Marketing Trends From A Digital World Essay

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Chasing Marketing Trends? Getting Back To Basics in a Digital World!

No one can deny that a lot has changed since the internet became a household word. The online world has served as a means by which people have become interconnected on a global scale. TV viewers no longer watch their favorite shows solely in their living room, on an analog TV encased in replicated wood; instead, they choose when and where they view TV programs. People no longer make phone calls via a rotary phone that only works when connected to a wall outlet; now, they can communicate by calling, texting, and live streaming via an array of mobile devices.

Certainly, the logistics of marketing have changed in the sense that marketers have new outlets for implementing marketing techniques. Consumers now browse products and services on their smartphones. Thanks to the advent of eCommerce, shoppers can make purchases from the convenience of their own homes (or from virtually anywhere, for that matter).

What has not changed as much as you might think is marketing itself. No matter how diligently the internet marketing universe (and those who profit from it) might work to convince you otherwise, marketing is still…well…marketing. Why should this concept concern you? Well, if you are a business owner or are in charge of marketing a brand, you may have been given quite a bit of confusing and unnecessary information regarding marketing in the past several years. If you – like so many others – have made…

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