Chasing Madoff Analysis

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Chasing Madoff
Chasing Madoff is a 2011 documentary film by Jeff Prosserman, based on the 2010 memoir No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller written by the film’s arguable protagonist Harry Markopolos.
Chasing Madoff examines Markopolos and his cohorts pursuit of now infamous ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff. Madoff robbed tens of thousands of people, of tens of billions of dollars.
Investigative journalists from several large publications were sought out and tried to bring forward expose articles but unbelievably the story was not brought to light for years. The film’s implications seems to hint at collusion from some major publications such as the Wall Street Journal.
The film also examines the catastrophe that Madoff brought to his victims lives, as well as the fear the whistleblowers dealt with as they pursued exposing Madoff but also the inner workings of the scheme, the malfeasance of both the SEC and the participation of the various fund managers and investment businesses, or “feeder funds” (Chasing Madoff) that joined in both the collusion and the profits.
In fact according to information given in the film as much as 90% of the profits from the fund went to
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Thierry de Villehuchet was using Bernie Madoff as his fund manager and Frank Casey seeking a way to gain Villehuchet’s business brought the investment data to Markopolos to see if it could be done. Markopolos who immediately realized that the portfolio was seven times larger than all the options actually in the market at the time said it was a fraud and so it began. Even to a neophyte such a discrepancy would seem to be an easily discoverable anomaly so it begs explanation that others had not also realized

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