Chartered Accountant Essay

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Overview A CA (Chartered Accountant) is a professional accountant who has earned the CA title through training and practical experience obtained from the CICA (Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). The institute, which has over 66,000 members, conducts research into current business issues and sets accounting and auditing standards for all types of businesses. A CA is a complete professional in the field of Accountancy - informed in the subjects of Accountancy, Auditing, Business Management, Information Technology, Taxation, Corporate and Commercial Law, Financial Management, Economics and other linked subjects. Chartered Accountants serve business clients by preparing, reviewing and evaluating financial statements, …show more content…
They are involved in important financial decisions such as mergers, acquisitions, company planning and long-term financial projections. This work requires a good understanding in both accounting and finance.

Management Accounting

Management accountants are involved in decisions regarding capital budgeting and business analysis. Majority of decisions concern cost analysis, analysis of new contracts, control over expenses efficiently and structure of the organization. Many accountants involved in management accounting obtain top-ranked positions in million dollar corporations and industries. Their job is to lead and guide the company into prosperity and economic growth.


Tax accountants prepare corporate and personal income tax statements and plan tax strategies. This work requires a thorough understanding of economics and the tax legislation. The tax field of public practice has experienced significant increase recently as individuals and corporations increasingly depend on Chartered Accountants for expert advice due to the complications of tax legislation.

Corporative Opportunities

After several years of experience in business accounting and administration, experience in public practice and educational background, a CA will likely be working for a large corporation with a large salary. There is always a great demand for leaders to direct and

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