Charter Schools Vs. Public Schools Essay

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Charter Schools are an alternative way to traditional public schools. These types of schools do not have the same restriction and regulation that traditional public schools do. Therefore, they have the “freedom to be more innovative while still being held accountable for advancing students ' achievement.” (National Alliance for Public Schools) Since the charter schools are still public schools they accept all children, no tuition charge, and no special exam to attend. This helps parents that don’t want to enroll their children in traditional public school or private school. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to knowing if a charter school is truly improving education.
A charter school enhances the education opportunities and autonomy that is accessible in a particular community. Traditional public schools are run by a school district or organization, but charter schools are not part of it. Charter schools can select their own charter school members, and they are in charge of seeing all aspects of the charter schools without having the public district telling them what to do. Moreover, charter schools have the autonomy to create their own “curriculum, instruction, and operation, charger schools agree to be more accountable.” (Miron, 2011, p. 624) They are responsible for students’ academic performance and all the charter schools are held accountable if the students do not meet the requirements.
In “The impact of Milwaukee Charter Schools on Students '…

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