Charlotte 's Web Essay : A Piece Of Classic Literature

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Charlotte’s Web Essay
A piece of classic literature, according to the Lukens text, “is one that influences other writers, illustrators, and readers who study and learn from classics and adapt them in important and timely ways” (XXIV). Many of the classic pieces of literature is what inspires more current stories. There are many different parts in making great literature. In the Lukens textbook, A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature, it talks about the seven criteria of quality literature. This paper is going to focus on two of the seven criteria: shows us insight into human motivation and provides order and form to human experience. The setting is another very important component to any literature piece. Setting of a story tells the where and when the narrative takes place. This paper will look at the two types of setting: integral setting and backdrop setting. Theme is another important aspect in literature. This paper is going to focus on two themes in Charlotte’s Web. And lastly this paper will look at who the intended audience is of the literature Charlotte’s Web.
In the textbook Lukens talks about seven specific criteria to describe what classic literature is and what it does. This analysis will focus on two of the seven criteria discussed in the Lukens text. One criteria that applies to Charlotte’s Web is “shows us insights into human motivation”. In this type of literature, “through the writer’s careful choice of details we come to see clearly the motivation…

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