Charlotte Temple Of The Late 18th Century Essay examples

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Although Charlotte Temple was released in the late 18th century there are many themes that still hold true to this day. Throughout the novel, one will recognize such themes that still seem to be a prevalent problem within our country and our own social expectations and normality’s nearly 230 years later. Charlotte Temple touches on themes such as the mobility of a military family in the ever-changing world as well as that of marrying for money or self-fulfilling needs alone. Yet, some of the greatest themes such as the shrewdness of a sexually driven male, seduction, as well as inner contentment point out the flaws of society in regards to sexism that still hold true to our present American culture. One of the first themes that will stick out to the reader is the ability for military families in the present to be able to relate to the situation facing Charlotte as well as her suitor Montraville as he begs her to accompany him in his future tour in America. Although today moving overseas while one’s significant other is participating in an active campaign is unheard of, one can relate to moving to either a new state if not a new country overseas for a matter of time. Although all should know by now that distance makes the heart grow fonder, one can still see how this theme is relatable to our own service men and women today. With Montraville being older than the once innocent fifteen year old Charlotte leaving church when we are first really introduced to her, many may…

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