Charlotte Temple, By Susanna Rowson Essay

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To get a point across, authors will appeal to the readers in order to either teach a lesson or promote social justice for a minority group. Charlotte Temple, written by Susanna Rowson wrote a novel to teach and warns young girls on how to protect themselves in society. Harriet Jacobs wrote the nonfiction slave narrative, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, on accounts of her life as a slave and showcase the cruelty of slavery to white audiences, especially white women. Although each one is appealing for a different social justice, both authors want justice for the social oppression of women.

Charlotte Temple shows the severity and unhappiness of Charlotte’s fate in order to educate and warn girls about what their fate might be if they are not careful. Rowson explains in the preface,”FOR the perusal of the young and thoughtless of the fair sex, this Tale of Truth is designed; and I could wish my fair readers to consider it as not merely the effusion of Fancy, but as a reality” (Rowson). Rowson clearly states her audience as naive young girls with the words “ young” and “thoughtless.” Rowson then describes how this story is written to help advise young girls as she expresses,”I flatter myself, be of service to some who are so unfortunate as to have neither friends to advise, or understanding to direct them, through the various and unexpected evils that attend a young and unprotected woman in her first entrance into life” (Rowson). She discusses in hope that even if a…

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