Charlotte Bronte Essay

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Charlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816 at Thornton in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Charlotte was the oldest daughter of six kids in the Bronte household. She helped raise her brother, Branwell, and her two sisters, Emily and Anne. As Charlotte and her sisters grew up they started to grow a very vivid and creative imagination. They would play in made up kingdoms and would write stories and poems based on their childhood adventures. These writings that she developed with her sisters were the start of her love and passion for writing. In Jane Eyre, Charlotte describes her life at home as she was working and raising her two sisters. Charlotte disliked her job and decided to leave in order to study French in Belgium. In Belgium, she met …show more content…
When Jane meets Mr. Rochester, she doesn’t admit her feelings towards him even to herself. The readers get to see their relationship grow and they see their feelings come out for each other.
When Mr. Rochester finally proposes Jane accepts the proposal quite readily. Jane, once again being the simple girl that she is, turns down the extravagant and expensive wedding dress. Then, Jane and the readers get the surprising news when Jane finds out that Mr. Rochester is married. Following her moral standards Jane refuses to be Mr. Rochester’s mistress. Jane’s determination drives her to run away from Thornton.
While Jane is staying with the Rivers family, Jane becomes more mature and confident in herself. She is an accepting environment and that does great things for her self esteem. When she goes back to take care of Mr. Rochester she feels more independent and grows a new love for him, allowing her to take care of him. Even in tough situations Jane finds ways to come out of them firm and strong.
Jane is a passionate and emotional character who sticks to her true feelings and shapes her beliefs and thoughts as the novel progresses. She has strong endurance and she is very courageous. She puts her standards in God’s hands and does what she believes is the moral thing to do. Jane was only trying to find who she really was and become independent, In the end she was able to do that, even if she did have to go

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