Essay on Charlie Trotter Who Was The Best Chef

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At a young age some people start to realize that they have this passion for cooking. Some say that cooking is fun and others say that cooking is boring. Mostly those who say that cooking is boring are the one’s that are really horrible at cooking. After all whether you like it or not you still end up cooking. Charlie Trotter who was known as one of the best chefs in the world and was also known for his charitable efforts. He discovered that he had this passion for cooking while he was attending college. Mostly all professional chefs start from the bottom working as a dishwasher, waitress, busboy and etc. Then some of them end up being one of the top chefs. Charlie Trotter did not come from a food-focused family. His first job was working as a busboy at a restaurant; he was only 16 during that time but he intense to have an enthusiasm for cooking. In 1982 he went to work at Sinclair’s restaurant where he got his first kitchen experience and where he also met two great chefsg21 Norman Aken and Carrie Nahabedia. He was only being paid four dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. Nowadays employees get paid more than that. He then moved to San Francisco to study at a culinary academy. Three years later he went to visit France and Switzerland for a three-month tour. On his tour he went to visit two finest French restaurants: La Pyramide and Girardet. He fell in love with the cuisine, the wine, the service and his favorite part was the atmosphere.

Trotter was known for a self…

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