Charles Thomson 's Life From Childhood On Up Essay

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Charles Thomson was one of our founding fathers that became an outstanding man in Pennsylvania. He had become a tutor and teacher, at different school. He held a position with the government for a period of time. He ran several businesses in his career. Charles had a passion for knowledge. He overcame quite few obstacles in his life from childhood on up. During the destruction of the woolen trade and the enforcement of the Test Act Charles was born. This was the time when the Protestant emigration was robbing Ireland. He was born about the first week of November 1729 in Gorteade town land, Maghera Parish, county Londonderry, Ireland. His father, John Thomson was well-known and most respected in Ulcer where they lived at Ireland. His mother died in 1739 when he was only 10. The father decided to leave Ireland when the emigration was robbing Ireland. He took his six children and boarded a ship bound for America. The father got deathly sick and died on the ship. This left the children in the hands of the captain who stole all the money that the father left them. When the ship reached America on the banks of New Castle, Delaware, the children were separated among different families. Charles went to a blacksmith family there in Delaware. The blacksmith thought he would want to learn the trade. Charles had something else in mind he wanted to go to school. Charles went to Francis Alison 's New London Academy in the nearby town, Chester County,…

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