Charles Sumner And The American War Essay

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Julia McCaw
Mr. Weis
Charles Sumner inf.
AP U.S. History
November 29, 2016

Charles Sumner was born January 6th, 1811 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents, both having been born into poverty, were staunchly liberal; his father, Charles Pinckney Sumner, was a Harvard-educated lawyer, sheriff, and abolitionist, and his mother shared similar equalitarian beliefs. An early proponent of anti-slavery and equality in educational opportunities, Charles Sumner’s father believed that “knowledge, virtue, and religion took precedence” above all else. Their liberal beliefs were undoubtedly impressed upon their son, Sumner, who writes that he was “particularly impacted by [his] father”.

Following his father’s path, Charles Sumner went on to study law at Harvard. Although, after graduating at the top in his class, Sumner did practice law casually, he spent the majority of his time lecturing at Harvard. After an especially compelling speech campaigning for peace and freedom in the Mexican American war, Sumner gained massive media attention and became a “sought after orator”. Both his massive physical stature—he stood at an imposing six feet four inches—and impressive articulacy demanded notice and propelled his speaking career.

Like his father, Sumner was an advocate for anti-slavery and anti-segregation; after Texas’ annexation as a slave state, he became particularly active proponent for these causes. Out of fear that the Mexican American war would expand slavery Westward, Sumner…

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