Charles Stuart And John Pym In Parliaments Victory Of The English Civil War Analysis

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The Roles of Charles Stuart and John Pym in Parliaments Victory of the English Civil War

On August the 2nd 1642 King Charles the 1st raised his standard at Nottingham. The English Civil War had begun and it lasted from 1642
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He set up the Midland and Eastern Association that created good relationships between local county communities and the parliamentarians. His alliance with the Scots, proved crucial in the end although it caused a stir amongst the peace and war groups, but Pym’s powers of persuasion and the firing of Henry Marten, a powerful war group leader, helped to reassure the peace group.

The Royalists were of course led by King Charles the 1st, who was the second son of the former King, James the 1st. Therefore Charles must have been brought up always believing that his brother would become the King after his father’s reign. According to Angela Anderson, who wrote a book on Charles the 1st in the Longman History in depth series, Charles was rather shy and not very good at speaking in public. She also states that Charles was overshadowed by the presence and then death of his brother, Prince Henry. So how did Charles act, believing he was not to become King? According to the book, Three British Revolutions by Charles Carlton, Charles early years
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This proved to be important later on when they were fighting in the Civil War.

Others who joined the Royalists were simply those too afraid to commit the sin of rebellion. This in fact deterred many supporters of the Long Parliament who began to feel that their demands had already been met and that the Long Parliament was beginning to push the limits.

The king’s role in the English Civil war was of course possibly the most important individual role of all. His decision to move north to establish his court in York meant that he had left Parliament with a free hand at Westminster. His inability to make concessions made any chance of peace unlikely. His lack of restraint on his commanders and his failure to create good relations with the local county villagers and farmers meant that many of them turned away from him.

So the first, most vital roles that both Charles and Pym played was their leadership among their parties. It is important to note though that their leadership was different from the others and played a key role in parliaments victory for almost opposite

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