Charles Murray 's Article ' Are Too Many People Going For College?

1186 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
In Charles Murray’s article “Are Too Many People Going to College?” he explains how the universities were created to mold and craft young adults into capable and cultivated human beings; at least this was how going to college was intended to be. He later explains that while people should go to college to pursue higher education many are attending universities just for the sake of obtaining a degree. While the author believes that investing one’s time in a university to study what perks their interest is valuable, he also feels that many are going for the wrong reasons. One of the most prevenient points Murray touches on is that four year universities are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the massive amounts of student debt that one will incur in their tenure at any number of these institutions. On the one hand I do agree with Murray that college can be a worthy investment of one’s time if they invest it wisely but, on the other hand I cannot help but think that with all the time and energy a student will put into finishing college will that guarantee them a career?
When it comes to the topic of too many people going to college, I believe one aspect we might want to investigate is whether young adults are being guided to into presuming that college is their best or only option for future success. I’ve always believed that there where many other opportunities out in the world where a bright minded individual could succeed without a collegiate education. According to Oliva…

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