Publicized Crimes: Charles Manson

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Charles Manson and his followers committed some of the most publicized crimes of all time. Their crimes even inspired a book and movie called Helter Skelter. Manson’s mind is very twisted and he believes he is a prophet of Jesus Christ. He is still alive today and does not feel guilty about any of the crimes he has committed. He has a very loyal following who he calls his “family.” Charles Manson is a very terrifying man, whose childhood greatly influenced his crimes; which required a long investigation and trial to bring Manson and his “family” to where they are today.
Charles Manson’s childhood greatly affected how he acted in his adult years. According to Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg (1992), authors, Charles Manson was born to a 15 year
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According to Michael J. Pellowski (2004), author, Manson believed that the singing group, the Beatles, were mentioned in the Bible and had secret messages that only he could decipher (pp. 26). An article sponsored by A+E Network (2010) states that Manson believed the Beatles song “Blackbird” was a prediction of a race war and another Beatles song “Helter Skelter” was the name of the actual war. He believed that his family could escape the race war by living underground at Death Valley. Instead of waiting for the race war to begin, he decided to start it by committing the first brutal murders.
An article called “Charles Manson and the Manson Family” (2015) provides that the first murder was Gary Hinman. He was stabbed twice in the chest by Bobby Beausoleil, a member of the Manson Family. “Charles Manson Biography” (2016) states that the next murders were Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jay Sebring, and Sharon Tate, a pregnant Hollywood star. Folger was stabbed 28 times, Frykowski was stabbed 51 times and shot twice, Sebring was shot once and stabbed seven times, and Tate was stabbed 16 times. Manson was very displeased with his followers’ work in these
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According to the article “Charles Manson and the Manson Family” (2015), all defendants are currently serving life sentences, except Linda Kasabian and Susan Atkins. Charles Manson is at the California Corcoran’s State Prison, Charles Watson is at Mule Creek State Prison, and Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krewinkel are at the California Institution for Women, Frontera. The same article (2015) states Atkins was also serving here until she died in 2009. Kasabian was granted immunity for testifying and left California after the trial was over, as stated by the same article

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