Charles Manson And The Murder Of All Time Essay

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Charles Manson and his followers committed some of the most publicized crimes of all time. Their crimes even inspired a book and movie called Helter Skelter. Manson’s mind is very twisted and he believes he is a prophet of Jesus Christ. He is still alive today and does not feel guilty about any of the crimes he has committed. He has a very loyal following who he calls his “family.” Charles Manson is a very terrifying man, whose childhood greatly influenced his crimes; which required a long investigation and trial to bring Manson and his “family” to where they are today.
Charles Manson’s childhood greatly affected how he acted in his adult years. According to Brian Lane and Wilfred Gregg (1992), authors, Charles Manson was born to a 15 year old prostitute named Katherine Maddox on November 12th, 1934 (pp. 255). Lane and Gregg (1992) also indicate that shortly after Manson was born he and his mother moved in with Bill Manson, where Charles got his last name (pp. 255). While in his early childhood, Manson’s mother was imprisoned for armed robbery, states an article in St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (2013), and he got tossed around from family member to family member. Most of the time he stayed with his strictly religious aunt and her cruel husband, who often called Manson a “sissy” and dressed him in girl clothes to help him “act like a man,” states an article in the Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology (2001).
As also stated by Lane and Gregg (1992), by the…

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